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deviation in storage by DavidFernandezArt


Artist | Literature
United States
Current Residence: Texas, United States
Favourite genre of music: country
Favourite cartoon character: Batman
Personal Quote: Don\'t Hang On, Nothing Last Forever, but The Earth & Sky
Pairing: Jensen Ackles/Jared Padalecki
Rating: this chpt pg overall NC17
Summary: Jensen is just a firefighter that saves a boy and his dogs, but the boy wants to pay back with more than just a thank you.

The apartment building had lit like a fourth of July firecracker. The firefighters had arrived in a matter of minutes as people began rushing out of the building. Firefighters were throwing out water as soon as possible trying to calm the flames down so the search and rescue could go in.

Jensen was part of that search and rescue team. This was only his third week on the job, but you learned your duty quickly. As the flames started to recede, Jensen and a group of four others went in.

Dog barks could be heard from a few levels up and even though humans were suppose to be your number one priority, Jensen headed up third floor while the others searched the lower levers.

The dogs were scratching on the door as he came around the corner. “Hey now boys, get away from the door!” he screamed not knowing what to say to an animal. As soon as the scratching stopped Jensen kicked open the door and the dogs ran to his legs.

The brown blobs of fur were quick to nudge at Jensen’s leg pushing him into the one bedroom apartment. One of them ran ahead as the other stayed next to Jensen to make sure he would follow. As

Jensen came into what looked like the kitchen, he saw what they wanted. Their owner was knocked out on the floor and the flames were picking up around them.

Jensen had been lifting and he was sure glad now. The boy towered him by at least five inches when he picked him up. “Come on now,” he paused and then took another quick glance at the dogs, “girls.”

Jensen was followed by the two dogs all the way out of the building and into the parking lot.

“He has a concussion and a small cut on his head.” Jensen said to the paramedic as he laid him on the bed.  The paramedics loaded the boy into the van but didn’t let the dogs in. The apartment was being taken car of so Jensen didn’t see why he couldn’t help the dogs out. He grabbed each by the collar and put them in the back seat of the fire truck. “Hey now, ya’ll be good and when this is all over I’ll make sure ya’ll get back to your master.” He stated and the dogs seemed to understand as the stayed put.

The fire took about 45 minutes after Jensen had gotten back around the truck to put out. Most of the building would have to be rebuilt for it had taken on too much damage. Jensen had found out that the cause for the whole thing had been some kid messing around with their mother’s lighter.

“Jensen!” Mike screamed. “What is this?” he asked pointing to the two dogs sitting in the truck.

“Well they belonged to this kid that I brought out, and the paramedic wouldn’t let them go with his owner and” Jensen was stopped mid sentence as Tom called for the two dogs making them sit by Jensen’s feet.

“Well they can’t come with us either. If you want to take care of these dogs and find the owner that’s just fine and dandy but you’ll be walking back to the firehouse, “Mike said as he took his seat behind the wheel.

“Hey it looks like those dogs have some dog tags. What a great creation.” Tom said as he hopped onto the back. “It shouldn’t take you long to find a place to hold them for a while. So see you back at the station in a few right?” his friend asked as Mike began to pull away from the street. Jensen gave a nod and turned the other way.

“Come on girls. You guys are going to stay with me until I can find out what your owner wants me to do with ya’ll.” He said
patting them both.

His apartment was simple and he was glad his landlord allowed dogs. They were quick to run in as it seemed that since he had rescued them they didn’t have a problem with staying there. He reached for one of the girls collars and removed it.

Jared Padalecki
384 Cedar St, Austin TX

‘Well now I know who to look for when I head over to the hospital.’ Jensen thought as he put the collar back around Harley’s neck.

“So then what is your name?” he asked the other dog looking at her tags. “Sadie what a pretty name.” he said petting her behind the ears. “Well since Jared kept ya’ll inside I guess you guys won’t tear up my place either. I only have an hour left on my shift and then we’ll go see how your owner is doing.” He told them walking out the door.

‘I’m now talking to dogs. I really need to get out,’ he thought as he headed back to the station.
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